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Guangzhou Jinyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Jinyu Autoparts is a leading manufacturer and exporter in Guangzhou of China, specializing in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of auto parts for Japanese & South Korean automobiles.

Our main product lines are automotive drive system, steering system, suspension system, engine system, brake system, clean system, cooling system and others. The factories we invested and joined have obtained ISO9001: 2000 and TS16949 certificates.
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Company Advantage

√ 25 years experiences
√ Produce spring and non-woven by ourselves

Customer Advantage

√ Cooperate with customers all over the world, especially Europe, Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia.

Production Advantage

√ R&D department
√ Update products and producing machine every year

Product Advantage

√ Over 300 models can be chosen

Technical Advantage

√ Pocket spring machine: 30 sets
√ Non-woven machine: 2 sets
√ Full-automatic roll packing machine: 1 set

Production Advantage

√ Quick response
√ Professional sales team
√ Satisfactory after-sales service







3 Types Of Steering Racks

Steering Rack Parts Suppliers, Shock Absorber Factory Are you looking for Steering Rack Parts Suppliers, Shock Absorber Factory? Purchasing a steering rack can occasionally be hard due to the numerous alternatives available. Our mission at is to make buying auto parts simple, so we have gathered all our years of expertise in one location. With the help of our buyer’s guide, we can address any concerns you might have about how to purchase a steering rack, how steering racks work, and how to distinguish between the available alternatives to determine which steering rack is best for your car. Power steering, manual steering, and even electric steering are all available as choices for steering racks. More details are available here. Manual Steering Rack Since manual steering racks lack power assistance, turning into tight corners requires extra effort from the driver. However, for track cars, manual steering is frequently chosen by auto enthusiasts because it is simple to use and provides the right response for racing. Rack for power steering Power steering is the best type of steering for a typical commuter vehicle. The power steering pump, an additional part of power steering racks, will deliver high-pressure fluid to the rack to provide hydraulic power help. As a result, the driver now has an easier time steering. Power steering rack Like

How To Find The Original Hyundai Spare Parts?

Hyundai Spare Parts Suppliers, Hyundai Parts Supplier, Steering Rack Supplier The harm caused by fake parts goes beyond vehicle damage and safety issues. Installing them negates the main benefit of choosing Hyundai Spare Parts Suppliers, which is to save some money. How? Join Hyundai Parts Supplier or Steering Rack Supplier for a while. One of the major costs that are associated with owning an automobile is depreciation. An automobile loses between 30 and 50 percent of its value in three to five years. That is a significant sum. Vehicles not serviced at authorized service centers depreciate more quickly than those. In other words, using genuine parts increases a car’s resale value. Simply put, using fake parts costs your money in ways you might not even know. But it’s harder to distinguish between the genuine and the fake parts. For example, Hyundai is a company that produces genuine Hyundai auto parts. Step 1: To display the Hyundai logo, first, tilt the label. Step 2: Tilting causes the logo to transform into the logo. Step 3: Hyundai also switches to Steering Rack after tilting the label. Step 4: After titling, the blue box on the right side of the label changes into the Hyundai logo. Step 5: Scratch the label, then wait for the phrase “Thank you for using Genuine Part” to

3 Reasons Why Toyota OEM Shock Absorbers Are Excellent

Shock Absorber Wholesale, Toyota Oem Shock Absorbers, Control Arm Wholesale Are you searching for Shock Absorber Wholesale? Use Toyota Oem Shock Absorbers rather than aftermarket shocks for these 3 excellent reasons. Off-road racing is not the only application for Control Arm Wholesale. They are necessary for all driving operations, such as towing, hauling, and regular driving. Therefore, it’s crucial to have shocks that provide the level of control and ride quality you want. You have two choices when replacing your shocks: OEM or aftermarket. OEM is the best choice if you seek a useful, inexpensive, durable option. Here are 3 reasons why we advise switching to a brand-new set of OEM shocks rather than purchasing aftermarket shocks for your vehicle Quality And Fit Are Promised Genuine Toyota OEM components, including shocks, are manufactured to the highest standards. In addition, Toyota exclusively employs premium components, carefully considering your model’s weight while designing its shocks. As a result, a set of OEM shocks on your car will also fit without any problems. Economicalness OEM shocks might be expensive, particularly if you purchase them from a Toyota dealer. (Here’s a little-known fact: ordering genuine OEM shocks from us can save you a tonne of money because we give steep discounts.) On the other hand, aftermarket shocks are frequently less expensive than OEM shocks

Car Spare Parts Wholesale, Auto Parts Manufacturing Companies, Power Steering Rack Suppliers

Our company has been a leading Hyundai Parts Supplier for cars worldwide since its inception and the number one Nissan Wholesale Parts provider in the region.

our manufacturing facility’s fully integrated production, testing, and quality departments are world-class. We have a modern multimillion-dollar R&D center in and around the region as part of our commitment to provide customers with cutting-edge global technology.

In addition, our R&D center strives to be a center of excellence in Hyundai Spare Parts Suppliers engineering.

Wheel Hub Bearing Manufacturer, Toyota Spare Parts Suppliers, Shock Absorber Manufacturer

Choose the best Wheel Hub and enjoy complete order protection

A leader in Wheel Hub Bearing Manufacturer and a leading supplier of Toyota Spare Parts Suppliers, we provide high quality with competitive prices based on the latest production technology, advanced testing instruments, an experienced technical team, and good administration.

As a trusted Shock Absorber Wholesale, and Shock Absorber Manufacturer, our commitment to customer service can be illustrated by the size of our warehouse, which is devoted to stocking parts ready for delivery. In addition, we are known for our high-quality products and dedication to customer service at Auto King Steel.

Why us?

  • High Quality

We ensure the high quality of all our products by using the latest production equipment, perfect testing instruments, a skilled technical team, and good administration.

  • Quality Assurance
  • All of our products are thoroughly examined before delivery, including evaluating the static characteristic curve. Then, depending on the requirements, we can provide a variety of test certificates.

  • High Precision
  • We have equipped all of our factories with an intelligent production line, ensuring high precision.

    We are:

    • Supplier Of Toyota Parts
    • Top Auto Parts Suppliers
    • Toyota Hiace Van Parts Suppliers
    • Wheel Hub Bearing Supplier
    • Car Parts Wholesale Suppliers
    • Wholesale Auto Parts Suppliers

    Get in touch: World’s leading Wheel Hub Bearing Factory

    There are many different models and arrangements available for customers. We can supply geared motors, motors, gearboxes, and planetary gearboxes in various sizes and series to meet virtually any application.

    We have the capability of doing cost-effective custom units for nearly any industry using a modular design. In addition, our array of products is easy-to-stock (and design).

    This is possible because we are considered as the best Car Parts Manufacturer, Wheel Hub Bearing Factory, and Power Steering Rack Suppliers, Steering Rack Supplier, Power Steering Pump Factory, Oem Shock Absorbers, Oem Auto Parts China, Wishbone Lower Factory, Auto Parts Manufacturing Companies, and Steering Rack Factory.

    Our features:

    • They are adapted for heavy-duty conditions and a robust gearbox with a unique concept.
    • Brand image is enhanced by excellent ecological design.
    • The compact folding line arrangement has a higher torque transmission capacity and loads shock resistance.
    • Through the latest design of the housing, the stability of the operation is improved up to some extent.
    • High reliability and long service life result from the large-modulus gear design and enhanced bearing arrangement.
    • The higher power density can allow for a more compact structure and less installation space.
    • Low maintenance and use costs can be effectively reduced through high reliability and prolonged design life.
    • Huge numbers of assemblies are available for the vertical and horizontal design.

    Do you need technical support or product knowledge?

    The company supplies Car Spare Parts Wholesale worldwide, ranging from large international organizations to small companies. It includes Steering pump Supplier, Shock Absorber Supplier, Control arm, Wheel Hub, Driveshaft, Ball joint.

    More info:

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