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Examples of Mechanical parts in sentences Mechanical parts and components of a basic single water softener unit include central head assembly, multi-level/twin sulfeners, piping from and to the unit(s), and system tanks. Accessible electrical controls; accessible plumbing line; air pumps; drains, gaskets; primary circulation pump and motor. Description of Covered Items The following are the mechanical parts and components for one (1) standalone freezer: condensers, defrost heaters, electronic components; fan motors and hinges; ice makers; motors; power cords and solid state control boards; switches; relays; thermostats and touch pads. Description of Covered Articles: The pump assembly is located in the home and has been hard piped. The pump assembly's mechanical parts and components are located in the home. Description of Covered Articles: The following are covered parts and components: Garbage disposal; interior hosebibs; point-of-service water system/instahot pressure regulating devices; tub valves and shower heads; bowls and toilet tanks; and mechanisms within the toilet tank. Included: All mechanical parts and components for one (1) water heater. This includes circulatory pumps, domestic hot water coils attached at boilers and heat recovery units. Parts and components of one pump unit located in the home and hard piped. Description of Covered items: A single primary unit is comprised of drive trains, motors, receiver boards, relays, switches and sensors. Copy Save Email. Related to Mechanical parts. Fireworks is any combustible, explosive composition or substance, or combination thereof, except as provided herein. This includes toy cannons that use explosives, blank cartridges, and the type of balloons that require fire to propel them. It also includes firecrackers and torpedoes. Toy guns, toy pistols, and toy canes are not considered fireworks. Any measurement device installed outside of the vehicle to measure parameters other than the concentrations of gaseous, particle pollutants, and exhaust mass flow. A machine gun is any firearm that can be used as a submachine gun, machine rifle, or machine gun. It has a reservoir clip or disc, drum belt, belt, or other mechanical device to store, carry, or supply ammunition. The firearm, mechanism, and instrument can fire five shots per second.
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